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OUR STORY - The Rhyming Version

It began with a book about jamming,

by a man who didn’t like dancing.


But then he studied the science of groove,

and learned that we were born to move

to music. It’s fun, and it’s in your DNA.

So just groove. Every day.


So he started groovin’ for fun at home

and quickly found it uplifted his soul.

So he kept on groovin’ an hour a day

just to rock his blues away.


No choreography, no pressure to nail premeditated moves,

No training, no judging, no rules, JUST GROOVE.


But soon he would learn you can’t really rock

until your feet & legs are unlocked

from the unnatural traction

that blocks natural actions.


’Twas Halloween in the hallowed halls of Tipitinas in New Orleans…

The music was sick, the wet floor was slick,

and suddenly his sneakers began new tricks,

sliding all around the ground,

twistin’ and groovin’ like the great James Brown!

And it was so much fun, he just kept gettin’ down!


The natural motions were like a magic potion

that filled his soul with euphoric emotions.


But then he realized “Wait…

…this is how ALL guys could move at the birth of rock-n-roll

because guys back then still rocked in smooth soles!”


Yes, from a million years ago through the 1970’s…

all guys’ feet could twist and spin and naturally groove

because natural traction levels let you move smooth.

But now we’re stuck in unnatural shoes,

so we just stand around like inhibited fools.


You see, every night at nightclubs, everywhere on Earth

the natural soles on women’s shoes

enable natural twisting moves,

and THAT is why women still groove

but guys can no longer move smooth.

To quote Mars Blackmon, “Money, it’s gotta be the shoes!”


Google clips of Soul Train

and you will be blown away

to see that guys could groove & spin

because of the smooth soles they were in!


But then in the 80’s:

Sneakers took over because they’re more comfortable,

but their repression of groove is unnatural and horrible.


So he searched the Earth for cool comfy shoes

with natural soles that let you move smooth,

But alas, they did not exist…

and it was then that he saw a big rift:

Smooth soles on dress shoes, but no comfortable kicks!


He just wanted sneakers with natural soles to free his soul

for more fun at concerts, clubs, and just groovin’ at home.

So he started making them…

The world’s first sneakers with natural soles to unlock your natural soul.

And it ’twas as much fun as the birth of rock-n-roll!


But then when the masses who were still stuck in traction marveled and asked him

about his foot action as if it were magic, he’d say right back at them:

“Dude… this is how EVERYONE could move before the world got STUCK IN RUBBER.

Smooth-soled sneakers are the answer, my brother!”


Yes, the repression of fun is about to end,

as Groove Soles get the world rockin' again.

Welcome to the Groove Revolution, everyone!

Life is about to get more FUN.


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