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Dear TOMS,

As you spread the spirit of giving, we spread the spirit of grooving for fun, health, and happiness.

As you spread physically-uplifting aid, we spread spiritually-uplifting joy.

Is there a way to combine these two uplifting spirits?

We have some ideas we'd love to discuss. 

The videos below are examples of me spreading joy to strangers. I used to be so shy & repressed. Never danced. But when the world learns what I've learned about the science of music, everyone will feel empowered to rock their soul for fun, health, and happiness, regardless of musical ability. Every human can groove into a better mood so easily, but this innate medicinal spirit within all people is often suppressed and under-utilized. Let's get the world groovin' more than ever before in history...

As TOMS spreads aid worldwide, we dream of helping TOMS spread musical joy on each giving trip as well, so that people receive not only physical assistance, but spiritually-uplifting joy that can become contagious in their lives, and ultimately throughout the world.

This awesome image / menu from site shows TOMS' movements for improving lives. At the bottom of it, I added a mock-up of our movement of spreading active participation in music to increase happiness & unity.


Below this is a video of me spreading joy to strangers, from Long Beach to China. I do this everywhere I go. It would be a dream come true to spread this joyful energy with TOMS and teach people the amazing science & history of music that I've studied the past 8 years, which is what empowered me to get out of my shy shell and dance!! When the world learns the truth about music, it will change the world. As Confucious said 2500 years ago, "When music & courtesy are better understood, there will be no wars." So let's teach the truth about music--- that ALL humans are innately musical & can use it to self-induce joy every day, everywhere.

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